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SunflexZone Anti-ALPR & Red-Light Camera Privacy Solutions

Welcome to SunflexZone. We design and manufacture a small selection of products with the motorist, and motorcyclist, in mind. Recently there has been a kind of "war on driving." There has been an explosion in the number of locations using automatic red-light, speed and traffic enforcement cameras under the banner of improved safety. However, numerous scientific studies show an increase in accidents whenever a camera goes up, with few exceptions. One thing is crystal clear; these devices have one purpose--revenue. Our products help protect your wallet and allows you to send a clear message saying this is not OK and we will fight back.

Another, possibly even more dangerous, system being used more and more is a device called Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR). Mounted on police/government vehicles, overpasses and intersections, this device infringes on your privacy by recording into a datebase your every time your vehicle is spotted. Even private companies are using it to collect data now. We design products that effectively render ALPR useless because we believe that having nothing to hide is never a good reason to be OK with being tracked everywhere we go.

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